Welcome to the DMV Maker Community

Our community is facing a crisis let this page be a resource for those in the DMV area to lend their skills to the fight and to call for help if needed.

As makers we are in a unique position to help our front line workers in the medical community who are fighting this Coronavirus pandemic.

However it isnt enough to just make masks and bring them to hospitals, this community is an central organizing point to reach out to the medical community and prepare files and processes in a safe and effective way to ensure proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) finds its way to those most in need.

Good Samaritan Hospital

10 Masks Donated

Visit Their Site
UM Upper Chesapeake Health

5 Masks Donated

Visit Their Site
Ready to Ship

40 Masks
30 FaceShields

Standardizing our files

To date we have created and distributed only a few dozen masks with the small amount of printers we have, however we have spent time prototyping the files we have decided on and by having these standards we can ensure our heros on the frontlines know what they ask for is safe, effective, and suits their needs.

3D Printed Mask

The mask file we have settled on is called the Montana Mask. You can find this mask file here along with all the information needed also being on that site regarding clinical tests and other hospitals using them.

cloth mask

If you want to make cloth masks we are using the CDCs official instructions which can be found here

Face Shield

Another PPE file we need is these face shield parts designed by prusa. We use transparencies ordered online to finish the file. All files needed for the face shield can be found here

Mask Adapter

To help ease the tension of wearing a mask all day we are also printing mask adapters which can be found here

Standardizing our Processes

Just as important it is for us to have standard prints and makes, so to is it important that we have standardized processes. This way we can have easily repeatable results and products the medical community can rely on.

Print or Sew

For 3D prints we just want as many of the raw PLA prints as you can deliver to a drop off location. We will put the final parts on the mask and sanitize them at our central assembly locations.

Bag and Drop

Twice a week (schedule to come) and using our drop off locations we ask that our makers collect as many prints as possible, put them in a garbage bag, and drop them off in the buckets at the locations (they will have labels).

Clean and Assemble

We take your prints/cloth masks and we clean them based on CDC/NIH guidelines and finish the assemble using single use gloves and masks to ensure we dont contaminate PPE. We then bag and seal all cleaned and assembled PPE.

Refresh and Resupply

Once we clean, assemble, and bag the PPE we will reach out to our contacts in the medical community to distribute the PPE.

Reach Out to Us

If you're a printer, maker, or in need of PPE please reach out to us and someone will get back to you. If you are submitting a request we are going to add you to our newsletter, you can respond stop to be removed from it after the first one sends.